Little Hands on the Farm at Sillyville, Washington State Fair

Our Tacoma architects designed six small buildings for this exhibit area for the Washington State Fair in 2017. Each building represents one aspect of farming in order to focus an educational opportunity on the 4-8 year old target audience, while it feels like all fun and play. The main building acts as entry and exit for the area, allowing visitors to be oriented and purchase mementos. The Milk Building is in the form of an old fashioned milk bottle carrier with six bottles, larger than life size.

Cows meander around the building, giving kids a chance to “milk a cow,” and other dairy farm experiences. The Produce Building has giant fruit everywhere and allows kids to pick, sort and sell each other fruit. The Chicken Coop Building has giant eggs and chickens, and kids can crawl in through the chicken access hole and see live chicks in their incubators. The Grain Building incorporates a real silo and has exhibits that explain how grain gets to your table in various forms. Kids can play with “grain” to make flour. The Garden Shed welcomes them through an underground world where they see the roots of various edible plants in the garden, where they can plant and play in the dirt. There are also lots of sculptures inspired by farm elements for kids to climb and play on.